Rebekah Mandeville is the founder and owner of Mandeville Beer Garden. The  Mandeville  family name carries with it a long and proud history. It is this history and heritage that Ms. Mandeville brings to her beer garden. Mandeville Beer Garden is a place where the whole family is welcome to come and enjoy the unique atmosphere. Modeled after Rebekah’s favorite  beer garden in her hometown of Denver, it is the first of its kind in the Sarasota area.

Mandeville Beer Garden strives to foster a sense of community while taking advantage of the exploding growth and popularity of the craft brewing culture. We prominently feature Florida brewed beers. Our beer selection includes 30 taps and a wide selection of bottles and cans.  We are also proud to feature a constant supply of ciders and meads.

Our unique food menu features selections that traditionally pair well with beer, as well as offering gourmet burgers, salads and sandwiches that feature local ingredients.